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Submitted By: Submitted: 11/3/2009
I haven't lived in Post very long, but I can already tell that there are lots of people that don't care about the way their unsightly homes and yards reflect on the rest of the community. I see many homes with trash in the yards. Some front yards have a variety of cars, trucks, boats, and RVs parked on the grass. Some people have boats or large trucks parked in the street, making it unsafe for traffic. This community could be a showplace for the South Plains if everyone would do their part to make the neighborhoods look nicer.

Submitted By: SuzanneSubmitted: 10/8/2010
I read the article covering the Post EMS and we are very thankful to all those that volunteer. However, I don't see the need for a 4th ambulance when I've listened to the scanner all week and they can't seem to get enough people to answer their pages for 1 ambulance run much less 4. Maybe we should concentrate our efforts and tax dollars/donations on recruiting more members to the EMS crew. Seriously, all week the Sheriff's office has had big trouble trying to get members of the EMS to answer their pages for 1 run. Slaton has had to come cover just today and there wasn't any other ambulances out here. Finally got 2 to answer up for the second run after several pages. I respect that they are volunteers and most of them work but what use is a 4th ambulance when we can't hardly staff 1??

Submitted By: Submitted: 1/3/2011
I agree that we need more EMS staff. It is hard to get an ambulance when you need one in Post, and when you do they don't seem to want to take the person to the hospital because they want to get back to whatever they were doing before the call came in. Maybe if we had a real staff on the EMS team that were being paid to just be on the EMS team things would be running more smoothly and the problem of volunteers not wanting to answer thier pages would be eliminated.

Submitted By: Billy IngramSubmitted: 5/15/2011
My wife and I had the opportunity to spend two nights in Post this past Thursday and Friday during which time we attended my son's graduation from Tech. We have been through Post on several occasions and commented on how nice the downtown area was. However, there is one ugly sight that the citizens of Post really should take care of and that is the battered, torn and dirty United States flag that is flying just across the street from McDonalds. Surely, there are veterans, veteran organizations and citizens of Post who would want to present a better image of their town than this. Sadly, it is a disgrace that the American flag is displayed in such a fashion and reflects badly on this beautiful community. Respectfully submitted Billy Ingram Fort Worth, Texas

Submitted By: Gerald DolterSubmitted: 9/29/2011
The City of Post recently closed its own Garza Theatre indefinitely. That theatre represents Post. It is an important part of the City's history. I have had opportunites over the past several years to serve this theatre artistically and technically. I have advised its Board of Directors, and done everything time would allow to further the cause of live theatre and music in Post. I sincerely hope the City Council, the City Manager's Office and the constituency they represent will do everything they can to restore live theatre to the area performing arts scene as soon as they can. The performing arts are a necessary and vital element to the quality of life in every commuunity. They are good for business. They make us feel proud. They are a healthy pasttime for our young people. Please do what you can to restore what you have lost as soon as you can. Prove that the performing arts are important to you.

Submitted By: Submitted: 7/17/2012
About the ems we have to remember that most of these folks that are VOLUNTEERS do have other jobs and some family at home. So instead of sitting in your chair complaining about them go to a school and get certified and see if you can do a better job. I have much respect for all volunteers!!!

Submitted By: CarolSubmitted: 7/24/2012
In regards to your story about the doggie dip...I would like to say thanks to the Garza County Animal Hospital sponsoring the Rotary's Annual Dog Dip and for offering low cost vaccinations to the community. It is greatly appreciated and hope that they continue to offer such a valuable service to the citizens of Post.

Submitted By: Michael TravisSubmitted: 9/22/2012
In refrence to "Shop owner wields broom". Isn't it wonderful that this infraction makes the front page of our local newspaper. Some of the alternatives are, "child stolen in car jacking', or "womens body found in land fill", remember that one? I have never been in our local Dounut shop and I would not be able to recognize the accused in a line up. It is wrong if he struck a child. It is wrong that he entered the school grounds in an aggresive posture. However it is wrong if a minor treats an adult with disrespect. We may never know the anguish or disrespect of either party,that lead to this altercation. However I have a strong feeling that both have learned a great deal from this incident. At least I would hope they have. I would like to think that the punishment will fit the crime....and no more. Michael Travis

Submitted By: Katie O'NealSubmitted: 10/31/2014
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy Linda Puckett's articles. I look forward to seeing them each time I read the paper on line. I really enjoyed this last one about Pearl Nance. I did not know Mrs. Nance, but she must have been an amazing woman. I also loved the one about Marjorie Merriweather Post's yacht. I am always interested about anything about C.W Post's family. My sister-in-law, Glenda McClellan Boren gave me a book about him. Title is C. W. Post, The Hour and The Man. She gave it to me in 1987.

Submitted By: Rev Robert D NicholsonSubmitted: 7/9/2016
Remembering Rev Dr. Tom Pass, pastor First Presbyterian Church, :Post and the remarkable folks in Post, a heritage hymn A Palo Duro Hymn by Rev. Bob Nicholson We praise You, Lord for ranches and those who work the land; For towers bringing oil in and neighbors' helping hand. Through years of life and labor, Your love has made us strong And now 0 Lord of all life, we lift our thankful song. We praise You, Lord of Harvest, for fields of sorghum golden grain For cotton white and ready upon our patterned plain Through years of life and labor, Your love has made us strong And now 0 Lord of Harvest, we lift our thankful song Tune: Lancashire. Henry T. Smart (PHH 233) composed the tune in 1835 for use at a missions festival at Blackburn, Lancashire, England which celebrated the three-hundredth anniversary of the Reformation in England, Words by the Rev. Dr. Robert D. Nicholson, written in memory of Don Jones, scientist at the Texas A and M Experiment Station, Lubbock, Texas, friend, neighbor, elder at First Presbyterian Church who pioneered “storm proof cotton” and for the inauguration of the life and work of Palo Duro Union Presbytery, a pioneering coming together of the 67 congregations in the Panhandle ofTexas from both major Presbyterian denominations i.e.the Presbyterian Church US (south) and the United Presbyterian Church, before the union of the two denominations.

Submitted By: Steve TheodoreSubmitted: 10/18/2016
This past Friday evening, my son was travelling alone from Belton to Lubbock to attend the Texas Tech football game with a friend and fellow Tech student. Before he reached Post, his truck broke down. A kind man towed him into town and dropped him off at Post Auto Parts. Saturday morning, I called and got Tim, the store manager. Tim immediately diagnosed the bad water pump and offered to get the part and fix it that morning. Even more impressive, after he fixed it, he delivered the key to my son near the Tech stadium while on his way home! It's not often you hear about such great customer service and kindness. Thank you Tim!

Submitted By: Ron and Darlene YochamSubmitted: 7/9/2017
While moving from Gallup, NM to Granbury, Tx, on July 3rd we had a wheel bearing failure on our moving trailer full of our household goods.. and were stranded between Slayton and Post. Mr Robbie Palmer of Post stopped and ask if we needed help. I told him what had happened and he offered to help get us going again. He brought a service truck out and stayed with us until after 2 AM getting the wheel back on to get the trailer off of the side of the road and then allowed us to park the trailer at the family business until after the 4th in order to finish the repairs. I can't describe how thankful I am that Robbie came to our rescue!! KUDOS to Robbie and his family....You have a kind, good hearted citizen HERO in your city!!